Our History

Our History

Envar is the key to a promising future.

Envar Schools raises individuals who question, research, process information, and have developed characters and skills.



Envar Schools was founded by Ümran İnşaat, Turizm, Özel Hastanecilik, Özel Eğitim Hizmetleri Ticaret Sanayi A.Ş.

Its educational activities started with Antalya Envar Private Primary School on 18.09.1996, followed by establishment of Envar Anatolian High School on 04.09.2000, Envar Science High School on 12.09.2006, and Yunus Yuva Kindergarten in December 2018, aiming to be one of the leading organizations of Turkish Education.


Envar Schools provides its services with divisions of Kindergarten, Primary School, Secondary School, Anatolian High School and Science High School.


Students are admitted to Kindergarten and Primary School with interview, to Secondary school with admission exam, to 9th grades of Science and Anatolian High Schools with national exams (LGS), and to interim grades of high school with admission exams.


At Envar Schools; “complete learning” is ensured through activities planned by means of modern education methods, with the awareness that each child is a unique value.

We have been the right place for quality education in Antalya for the last 26 years, thanks to giving due priority and importance to national intangible values as well as academic success. We developed our educational model and achieved a 4/4 educational model by considering the changes all around the world.

In the 4/4 Educational Model; academic success, a good foreign language education as well as skills education to be used in all aspects of life, and character education are handled as a whole.


Education is strengthened by sports, arts and social activities.

Arts and sports events are organized for our students at weekends, free of charge. The travel events within and out of town throughout the year are aimed to increase awareness of our students.

Our organization, having reached numerous achievements over 26 years, is growing bigger with renovation, powered by appreciation of students and parents.

We aim to create an environment where all stakeholders feel happy, safe and confident by establishing effective communication with all employees, students, parents, graduates and environment.

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