Enkar (Envar Kariyer Rehberliği)

Career Guidance in Secondary School


“Life is like riding a bicycle. You will not fall as long as you keep pedaling.” With the vision of “A promising future grows at Envar”, we, Envar Schools Secondary School, raise our students with the purpose of enabling them to recognize themselves, adapt to daily rules in and outside school, make right decisions through gaining problem solving skills, and gain essential attitudes and skills for building positive relationships with their environment within the framework of our ENO 4/4 educational model. We, as Envar Schools Secondary School Guidance Service;

-recognize family and individual characteristics of our students by primarily applying an Information Form.

– gain knowledge of areas of skills and interests of students such as “Verbal-Numerical Skills, Geometric-Space Skills, Hand-Eye Coordination, Life Sciences-Social Sciences-Turkish Language, Foreign Language and Music” with the Academic Self-Concept Scale applied at different grade levels. We also provide academic services for the individual learning method of our students with a Study Behavior Assessment Scale. This test is one of the individual recognition techniques, and we aim to determine attitudes and behaviours related to study habits, and eliminate any deficiencies accordingly. The scale informs us about detail matters such as ’studying consciously, reading habits, preparing homework, attitude towards school, taking notes’.

– We set short-term and long-term goals with 8th grade students through individual interviews under ENKAR Career Guidance unit.

– We support psycho-social development of students through parent-student-advisor meetings.

– We prepare our students for life by establishing an Educational Success and Career Development Plan for each student within the scope of Enkar Career Guidance. – raise generations who have advanced communication skills, know their boundaries, are in harmony with their peers and environment through development of positive behaviours thanks to our power based on the preventive and constructive roles of Guidance Services in our journey of education that we started with the vision that success is our target, good people is our purpose.

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