Enkar (Envar Kariyer Rehberliği)

Career Guidance in Primary School


We, Counselling and Guidance Department, hold interviews with our students, adopting preventive and solution-oriented guidance model, in order to support our students in emotional, social and cognitive aspects.

1.a ) Measurement and Evaluation

We monitor both physical and cognitive development of our children with the tests such as

Denver II,



Peabody and

Metropolitan applied to kindergarten students; and we execute necessary interventions to our students in cooperation with parents and teachers in case of a potential problem.

We assess the levels and interests of our students in cognitive field with inventories such as

School Maturity,

Gessel Development Figures,

Talent Exploring Test,

Draw a Family Picture Test,

Moxo Attention Test,

CAS Test,

Learning Styles, while exploring the inner worlds of our students with various activities such as

Sentence Completion Test,

Coping with Difficult Emotions,


Problem Scanning,

Future Planning. We also help them truly know themselves, and explore their own interests, skills, abilities and personal characteristics.

1.b ) Individual Activities/ Group Activities

We carry out  individual as well group activities with regard to various aspects such as friendship skills, empathy, emotion control, exam anxiety, coping with stress and anxiety, attention, motivation, effective communication and problem solving in order to minimize the stresses that emerge during challenges faced by our students from time to time, and to support their socio-emotional development.


We organize face to face meetings with parents by using an appointment system of our school to discuss the results and observations of tests and guidance services provided for our students.

In addition, we organize seminars on critical subjects such as Effect of Parent Attitude on Academic Success, Exam Anxiety, Development Period Characteristics, and Parent-Child Relationship in order to improve awareness of parents.


The teacher meetings held twice a month where individual observations of our teachers are presented enable us to evaluate emotional, social and cognitive developments of our children with a broader perspective.  We take any necessary with our teachers and school administration when needed, for the needs of children based on the outcomes of such evaluations.


We organize activities towards the needs of the students in critical matters such as peer pressure, future planning, problem solving etc. within the scope of school guidance system.


What is the Family Guidance and Counseling Unit?

It is the systematic and organized activities carried out with families in order to improve both academic and social success of students, and to find solutions to any problems therein.

Envar Schools provides a school environment where not only students but also families receive guidance services because school and family are the two most important institutions affecting children’s life. And the stronger cooperation exist between two institutions, the higher both academic and social success of students will be.


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