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Career Guidance in High School


Guidance and Counselling; are professional assistance services that help individuals understand and know themselves, solve their problems, make rational decisions, be in harmony with their environment, and realize their personal potential.

Envar Anatolian – Science High School Guidance Service, we provide individualized counselling for problems experienced by students in academic success, preparation for university exams and social life by considering the developmental periods in order to help them get through these processes as healthy and happy individuals, reach their goals, make right decisions, and perform their preparations in an organized manner. We help our students to get to know themselves and the school.

Happy individuals make the right decisions

The Guidance Services Unit aims to raise happy and successful individuals with a student-oriented approach by planning the activities for students based on the principles of






Based on this aim, we provide our students with the following services and activities by means of a strong cooperation among student, parent, teachers, advisor teacher, form master, school advisor and administrators:


With Individual – Group Counselling and Guidance;

  • To recognize, inform and monitor students;
  • To enable students to explore their interests and abilities;
  • To help students make right decisions;
  • To help students gain communication skills for friendship relations;
  • To assist students improve themselves in attitudes and behaviours;
  • To improve problem solving skills;
  • To support in making decisions for future jobs.

In order to provide more effective support for our students; 

For the 9th and 10th grades;SOCIOMETRY, LEARNING STYLES, THEORY OF MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES and PROBLEM SCANNING techniques are applied in activities to help them recognize and perceive their wishes and expectations, themselves and their friends.

For the 10th grades;VOCATIONAL ORIENTATION TEST and HOLLAND VOCATIONAL PREFERENCE ASSESSMENT are applied to inform our students how important their interests and skills are in vocational preferences and vocational personality.

For the 9-10th and 11th grades;STUDY BEHAVIOUR RATING and FAILURE CAUSES INQUIRY are applied to help students recognize themselves for the purposes of increased academic success, and to take necessary actions accordingly.

For the 9th-10th-11th and 12th grades;PROBLEM SCANNING is applied to determine any possible problems of our students in various areas (family, friends, class, school, teacher).

For the 12th grades; motivational activities are carried out before and after exams by applying EXAM ANXIETY SCALE and STRESS LEVEL SCALE for TYT-AYT.

ORIENTATION SERVICES; Following activities are carried out to help newcomers adapt to the school environment and socialize with higher grades, based primarily on peer guidance to boost adaptation to the school environment:

School Introduction (Mission-Vision)

Introduction of School Building

Introduction of the Program Applied at School

Introduction of School Rules

Introduction of the School Guidance Service

Introduction of Social Clubs

Introduction of the Advisor Teacher System

With Educational Guidance;

Envar Anatolian- Science High School Guidance and Counselling Services carries out its activities in order to facilitate learning in an efficient learning environment,  to support students in solving problems by using their problem solving skills when they face challenges, and to help them make right decisions about their future.

For this purpose, the following instruments are utilized:

– Efficient Study Methods;

– Motivational Seminars;

– Awareness on Success;

– Seminars for Vocational Choice;

– Seminars for the exam (TYT-AYT);

Time management seminars;

With Vocational Guidance;

Envar Anatolian – Science High School Guidance Services carries out the following activities to help students make proper choices of future jobs by means of providing all necessary guidance in line with their interests and abilities:

  • Presentations about professions;
  • Presentations about universities;
  • Tours to universities;
  • Invitation of university students with support of our alumni association;
  • University preferences counselling;
  • Invitation of successful people in business circles to entrepreneursip seminars.

Advisor Teacher System

“The greatest need of a person is attention, to be cared for.” This does not change depending on person, situation or age. Every person, without exception, needs attention and care. Meeting this need facilitates solution and even prevention of many problems.

An “Advisor Teacher System” is implemented at our school to allow us pay better attention and care for our students.  It was observed that the level of academic success increased and discipline problems were eliminated substantially at schools implementing advisor teacher system.

Without prejudice to the collective responsibility of all of our teachers for education of our students, each student has an advisor teacher in this system. Advisor teachers closely follow up the academic, social and emotional development of students under their advising responsibility. Thus, students are monitored to allow to provide necessary support without delay.

For Parents

In line with the cooperation of Guidance Services and Parents;

Our School Counselor

  • informs parents about academic and behavioral development of students;
  • monitors attitudes and behaviours at school, and consolidates positive ones, while seeking for and applying solutions for negative ones in cooperation with the form master, and parents when necessary;
  • informs parents about grade points and exam results of students;
  • helps parents with solving problems, listen to and solve their problems with genuine attention;
  • organizes seminars and delivers documents to inform parents.

“The greatest need of a person is attention, to be cared for.” This does not change depending on person, situation or age. Every person, without exception, needs attention and care. Meeting this need facilitates solution and even prevention of many problems.

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