ENO4 Bütüncül Eğitim Modelimiz - Character Education

Character Education

The most important component of the ENO4 Educational Model is character education. Character education is intended to raise “Successful and Good People” with a good character who will be and do good to themselves, family, environment, country and humanity. Character education enables development of students as individuals with thinking abilities, skills for managing their emotions, high level of awareness and morality. Individuals who have received character education learn and practice national and spiritual values, customs and traditions.

There is a correlation between behaviours and character of a person. Behaviours are shaped and directed by character of a person. Character is the maturity of goodness, morality and virtue, and sustaining good deed by a person. A person has a good character if he/she knows what is the right thing to do, wants to do the right thing, and incorporate these into his/her personality.

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