ENO4 Bütüncül Eğitim Modelimiz - Skills Education

Skills Education

Another component of the ENO 4/4 Educational Model is “Skills Education”. A skill is defined in the dictionary of the Turkish Language Institution as “the ability to use one’s aptitude and knowledge in execution of a specific task in line with the intended outcome; competency”. Thanks to skills education, students gain the skills to be used for life, today and in the future.

In recent years, all segments of society have been criticizing the students trained by educational institutions for lack of skills. In this context, it is of strategic importance for the development of Turkey’s human resources for students to have the basic skills required in every day and business life in addition to the skills required in a specific profession. Based on this importance, the ENO4 Educational Model has adopted the goal to raise the human resources of the future.

Skills Education consists of 2 sections as Daily Skills Education and Basic Skills Education.

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