ENO4 Bütüncül Eğitim Modelimiz - Academic Education

Academic Education

Academic education is one of the components of ENO4 Educational Model. Academic education is aimed at the acquisition of scientific thinking and work discipline from kindergarten to high school. Students are prepared for their dream jobs and they enter the best universities they dream of.

Each student is unique and special. Academic education is organized in line with the interests and abilities, individual differences, learning style, learning speed. The precondition for learning as per the ENO 4/4 Educational Model is the presence of curiosity, interest, attention, love and passion altogether.

Academic education is handled as a whole with an interrelated approach at kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and high school levels. Each school considers the needs, expectations and requirements for the next level; schools provide bidirectional feedback on strengths and areas of improvement of students.

Academic education is implemented in accordance with applicable curriculum of the Ministry of Education as well as with the special syllabi of each school. The academic education as per the EN04 is implemented in correlation with everyday life. Establishing the relations between the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes acquired at school and everyday life encourages effective implementation of these gains. Feedback on learning and development levels of students are provided through monitoring, and necessary actions are taken to enable development at desired levels.

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